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Ian Quinn of Halt the Hate

Ian Quinn, Founder
Halt the Hate
Los Angeles California
Phone: (949) 689-8082
Web: www.pumaassociation.org


Ian Quinn is an advocate for gay rights and developing respectful relationships with the LGBTQ and “Straight” community. As an active member of GLSEN and a Straight Ally Ian provides empowering life saving seminars to the community and universities so individuals can learn to fight back against victimization. He is the author of “Halt the Hate – Self Defense for the LGBTQ Community” and founder of the Poly Unified Martial Arts Association (PUMAA). He has over 28 years of experience in martial arts with black belts in American Kempo Karate, Jido Kwan Tae Kwon Do, Pankration, and Koga Ryu Nin Jutstu. His specialty is the ability to take complex subject material and make it applicable to anyone looking to learn self-defense. By combining concepts from anatomy, physiology, and psychology his method of self-defense helps students to gain the knowledge and confidence to halt the hate.

Ian has also worked on multiple Just Yell Fire initiatives, both in his capacity as an advisory board member and in his role as lead trainer and program development head. Ian uses his engaging style to maximize the impact (and desirability) of our programs with school boards, public officials, private corporations, other nonprofits, law enforcement, parents, and even daunting audiences of teenage girls. Whether tasked with developing a 200 page training manual, identifying development partnership opportunities, or providing insights for our staff he brings a contagious enthusiasm and tireless work ethic to his every effort. He was also particularly valuable in organizing and quarterbacking the filming of Just Yell Fire: Campus Life.


  • B.S. Kinesiology, California State University San Marcos
  • B.A. Organizational Management, Ashford University
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