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Jake McCluskey

Jake McCluskey, Black Belt FMA
Ely Minnesota
Phone: 218-235-3371


Jake McCluskey began his exploration of self-defense at the age of 8 when he started Tae Kwon Do.  Confidence and respect were ingrained into him as a young child which included his teachings in the martial arts.  After his time in the Navy he continued his passion for mastering practicle self preservation techniques and systems.  In 2007 McCluskey earned his black belt in the Filipino Martial Arts under Chad Von Dette and is also a Just Yell Fire Certified Instructor.

Jake has brought his gift of teaching realistic self-defense in an enjoyable atmosphere throughout the Mid West.  He spent a few years in South Dakota working with battered women’s shelters and youth groups.

His passion continues today and will for the rest of his life.  Jake is the proud father of a new baby girl and looks forward to educating her on the potential dangers life may bring and giving her the confidence to help others who are treated unfairly.

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