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Jeanne Bruner of

Jeanne Bruner
Madisonville Louisiana
Phone: 504-453-6701


Jeannie Bruner is a busy 17 year old honor student who is a junior at Mandeville High School. As Jeannie was looking for a self-defense class, she quickly realized that there were no self-defense classes available for teens, women or kids in her area or state for that matter. That was when she found the Just Yell Fire Program online. Being impressed with Dallas' concept of empowering girls and young women with the skills and knowledge to feel safe and confident, Jeannie decided she wanted to become a trainer and share that knowledge with her peers and community. Jeannie went to California and was fortunate enough to be trained as a trainer with Master Trainer, Chad Von Dette. Jeannie is available for private, group and school classes.

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