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Just Yell Fire - A Million Girl Revolution Combating Violence Against Young Women
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Just Yell Fire Campus Life

New Film - Campus Life

For College Girls
The film takes on dating abuse, sexual assault, date rape drugs, hate crimes, violence on campus or off, and other threats girls face at college. The film tells girls the risks, delivers a Dating Bill of Rights, and empowers college women with street fighting, get-away moves, and danger avoidance strategies.

The Original Just Yell Fire

Our First Film

For Girls 11 to 19
This film raises awareness of the dangers girls 11 to 19 face every day, includes a Girls' Bill of Rights, danger prevention tips, and street fighting self-defense moves any teen girl can use to get away from an attacker twice her size.

"The most important film your daughter will ever watch" Fox News Live

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Just Yell Fire™ is taking on a crisis social problem: violence and abuse against young women and girls. The numbers are horrific: 1 in 4 becomes a sexual assault victim, 1 in 3 face dating abuse, and too many encounter random violence, date rape drugs, hate crimes, or traffickers. We believe every girl has the right to live a life free of fear, abuse, or violence and we're fighting back.

Since 2006 Just Yell Fire has grown into a 1.5 million girl revolution across 64 countries as we empower girls to know their rights, to stand up for themselves, to be aware of dangers they face, and to escape violence when trouble finds them. Ladies, watch our free films, learn to be safe and be part of our revolution; then tell your friends and your school to join us too. You have the right to live the life you want on your own terms. Stay safe.

Dallas Jessup
Founder and CEO Just Yell Fire, Inc
More about Dallas Jessup:

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Movies - Watch Online Now Free
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