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Just Yell Fire is a 1.5 Million Girl Revolution across 64 countries combating violence against young women, founded by Dallas Jessup (then 14), that began in 2006. The Just Yell Fire message is that a girl who knows her rights and how to stand up for herself is the front line defense against sexual assault, dating violence, hate crimes, human trafficking, date rape drugs and other dangers facing girls in high school and college.   It’s about fighting back” – Good Morning America

Just Yell Fire programs empower teens and girls in college with danger awareness/avoidance information, a Dating Bill of Rights, and quick-learn self defense and street fighting techniques, designed by martial arts experts, specifically for young women to escape violence when trouble finds them.  Necessary Roughness” – the Oregonian.

Dallas Jessup, now a global leader in the young women’s empowerment movement and inductee into the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans, gathered more than 120 volunteers and donated resources to produce the film Just Yell Fire focused on empowering high school girls. More than 1 million DVDs and downloads have been given away. The most important film your daughter will ever watch” – Fox News Live

Jessup followed in 2012 with the film Just Yell Fire Campus Life that gives college girls a bag of tricks to avoid dating abuse, sexual assault, dating violence, on campus crime… and gives them get-away tools that the 1 in 3 that will become victims can use to avoid becoming a statistic. Many notable artists, actors, and sports figures have lent their support and made appearances in both films to make Just Yell Fire Campus Life (also free to view online) a viral hit like its predecessor.   Addresses the college issues spot on” – Dave Hagymas, MIT

Teens, parents, teachers, law enforcement, shelter leaders, elected officials, and women’s organizations across America and around the world have lauded the Just Yell Fire films and programs. Dallas Jessup has traveled more than 200,000 miles speaking at schools, colleges, law enforcement events (including the FBI National Academy), and testified to the U.S. Congress to get the Just Yell Fire information into the hands of girls everywhere.   Saving the world one girl at a time” – Josh Holloway, actor LOST

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