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I just had the pleasure of reading the article "Fighting Fire with Fire" by Dallas Jessup in the Current Health 2 - Sept. 2009 issue and watched the Just Yell Fire video on the website listed. What a tremendous video! I want to extend my sincere thanks to Dallas and everyone involved in making this video and to let you know I plan to include it in my Human Sexuality Course that I teach as part of my health curriculum. Thank you for helping all girls everywhere stay safe!
– Michele, Fort Myers, Florida
This morning I had the good fortune of checking in on the "everything self-defense" blog by Tom Callos. I must say it was a pleasure to view "Just Yell Fire". I can't believe that I have never come across this tremendous piece on women's self-defense. Your daughter, Dallas and her friend are truly ambassadors on a subject that is only taken to lightly.
I have been teaching martial arts and situational self-defense since 1978. Only since 1997 has my school focused on the anti-abduction of children and the protection, rape prevention, and quick escape for women. We have implemented much of the information that is offered on this DVD through sources such as John Hall's "Date Escape" and Tony Blauer's "Rape Prevention".
The key that makes "Just Yell Fire" so solid is "who" is presenting this film. The two girls, the police officer, and Dallas' instructor give the targeted audience a much better presentation. It will be so much easier for girls and parents to pay attention and to stay interested.
I truly look forward to scheduling and evening with daughters and parents so that we may view "Just Yell Fire" together. I'm not sure if it's possible for me to download and burn the video to DVD. But I will give it a try and I look forward to sending as many parents as possible to your website.
– Robert, Jewett City, CT
Hello, my name is Muna from Lebanon. I have to say that i think your movie is great and i would like to share the film with my class and school. Thank you for all the hardwork and keep it on...
– Muna, Lebanon
I did a self defense speech two weeks ago. Another student came to me and told me she had got the Just Yell Fire DVD. A few of her daughter's friends were approached a week ago, they were lucky enough to get away. Now her daughter is taking the DVD to school for her class to watch. I'm again SO happy that you have made this movie, and I'm glad that there are girls learning to defend themselves. THANK YOU!!!
– Courtney
Thank you for making this video. I've been sexually assaulted three times in my life. I've learned from your video that I do have a right to protect myself. I have a little sister and I'm trying to get her to learn the techniques because I wold want anything to happen to her.
– CY
Dallas, My mother and I went to hear you speak in Portales and I just wanted to say that right after the program was over I text a close friend of mine who has been having problems and I told her to go to justyellfire.com. You are my new role model and I am a role model to many of my friends so thank you for giving me snd my friends the correct type of role model to look up to.
– Stephanie, New Mexico
This is a comment sent in to our trainers Leila Rae Sommerfeld and Valerie Mainridge of Gresham, OR
Thank you again from our entire team! You and Valerie did such a fabulous job. Several of our volunteers commented at the end that your traiing was the best self-defense class they had ever taken - and several had attended classes in the past. you adapted your presentation to fit perfectly into our time constraints and skill level. You and Valerie brought such great energy and enthusiasm to our class. We especially appreciate you taking time on a Sunday. We feel empowered to continue to advocate for sexually exploited women in and around Portland.
We are so pleased to know you and your work. I hope this is only the beginning of our partnership.
– Carrie,, Portland, OR
"Thanks so much to Chad and Just Yell Fire for their great training session. I really enjoyed the course and believe the course will really benefit our young women in the community. The concepts are easy to remember. I look forward to passing on the techniques I learned."
– Carla, San Diego, CA
My daughter really likes the DVD's and has shared them with her friends. Jen has also showed your 45 min. video to her 7th grade social studies classes. She actually heard back from a few "moms" thanking her for sharing it with the students!!
– Diane, New England
Just thought I\'d write and let you know that I have watched your just yell fire video and I love it. In fact after some sexual assaults occured around our college campus, I sent my student newspaper the link to the just yell fire video, and it was published in my college\'s student newspaper. Anyways, congrats on all you have accomplished Dallas!
Keep fighting!
– Anonymous
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