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I was so excited to hear about the DVD - "Just Yell Fire". The reviews are excellent. I look forward to receiving the DVD and utilizing the information to help teenage girls with self defense. Thanks so much for your consideration in this matter!
– Terri, Director, June Anderson Women's Center
I am a social worker who works with many young women in the community. I believe that Just yell Fire is a wonderful tool for increasing self-esteem and encouraging women to be proactive. This is a tool I want to share with my clients in the field. Thank you!
– Kelly, Southfield, MI
Hey kid I have watched the downloaded version of justyellfire. <br>W O W, <br>I'm a cop in NASHVILLE, TN. and a School Resource Officer,I'm currently assigned to Hume Fogg High School. <br>I think this is the best thing since peanut butter. <br>I would like to see if I can get this into the wellness program at school for all the girls. <br>THANKS TO ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS PROGRAM ,IT WILL SAVE LIVES
– David, Nashville, TN
My daughter turns 15 next month and I am an elementary school teacher in Santa Rosa, CA. I heard about the movie on Clark Howard last night and listened to a few seconds on my computer. I am really impressed. What a proactive, "real" and effective way
to reach and keep our girls safe.
– Adele, Santa Rosa, CA
As a former Police Officer and having approximately twelve years in security and law enforcement; I applaud your organizations efforts to teach girls and young women how to defend themselves against predators.
– Mark, St. Paul, MN
I say "kudos" to you girls from making this video. I have three daughters and I cannot tell you how important this subject is to me. I also have four nieces. When I saw you girls on Montel Williams on Friday, I was totally impressed. I wish my sister had seen this video when she was younger. She was grabbed on her way to school. She was almost forced into a car while walking to school. She was only 14 years old. Thank God everything truned out ok.
I cannot even imagine how many lives you have changed since the video. I will definitely put it to good use. I can guarantee that everyone who has a daughter, niece, granddaughter, girlfriend or what have you, will sleep a little better at night because of what you girls hae done.
Thank you so much for all of your efforts on trying to stop things like this from happening to any other of the girls out there.
– Amy, Sarver, PA
What an awsome service to our young women your daughter and her friend has done. I heard you on The Clark Howard show this evening on my way back to work and wanted to let you know (as if you didn't already know) what a truly wonderful daughter you have. I would love to show this dvd to my youth group and their parents at my church.
May God continue to bless your daughter in her road to saving the young women of our world.
– Cindy
I am a junior at Gettysburg College in PA. I don't know if you have been watching the news lately, but there has been a murder on our college campus last Thursday. One student (a male senior) strangled and murdered his (ex-)girlfriend of one year (a sophomore). It really shook our campus hard, along with myself, even though i did not know either one that was involved. After breaking down a little tonight, i realized, crying was not going to change the past; nor prevent incidents, assaults, nor murders like this from happening again in the future.
What will? Taking action!
I found your contact information after googling 'self defense for women classes' and wanted to get in contact with you right away. I was hoping you could hold self defense classes for female students, or any woman (faculty, staff or students) on our campus to help protect us if we were to ever get ourselves in this type of situation. It is very scary to know that an innocent 19 year old young woman was strangled, stabbed and murdered by someone that loved her for a year. Not even a stranger, or a crazy drug addict rapist on the street! Her boyfriend! Someone she trusted and loved! How scary is that? She was not able to get away, she was not able to defend herself. She died because of that.
But you... you have the power to give us woman that power. You have the ability to give us woman the ability to defend ourselves. To win. To live. And to help with our recovery of her death on our campus. I believe that immediately holding these self defense classes on our campus will prove that Emily Rachel Silverstein did not die in vain.
Please help me, help us. Give us the power, the ability to defend ourselves and live.
– Jaclyn, Gettysburg, PA
Last night when eating dinner with my 2 daughters they brought up the subject of school fights. They also realized they had no idea how to defend themselves. And asked why I never taught them. I've done everything with them from swimming, skiing, soccer, tennis, cheer, career exploring, homework, and every other parent obligation I could manage. It suddenly shocked me that I haven't covered one of the most important at their ages, 13 & 16, self defense. Both are strong, athletic and confident, until the subject of self defense comes up. I immediately started searching for ways to help and found "Just Yell Fire" I feel shame in not doing this sooner. Please accept my donation and send a DVD.
– Pat, New Jersey
I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to see that our youth are concerned about this topic. I am a troop leader for Girl Scouts of the Rio Grande, in El PAso, Texas, and a detention officer for El Paso County Juvenile Probation Department. I currently run the Studio 2B Program ( Girl Scouts) which is a program designed by girls for girls at the Juvenile Probation Department. It appears that our youth are fed up with abuse and rape. One of the focus series books is called "Take Charge" and it is about rape and abuse. In the book it also recommends to "yell fire" for the same reasons you described. Your video , along with my group will be most helpful and impactful. I will definately forward your link to Girl Scouts of the Rio Grande.
– Rose, El Paso, TX
223 Comments • Random SelectionOrdered by Date
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