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Dallas, My mother and I went to hear you speak in Portales and I just wanted to say that right after the program was over I text a close friend of mine who has been having problems and I told her to go to justyellfire.com. You are my new role model and I am a role model to many of my friends so thank you for giving me snd my friends the correct type of role model to look up to.
– Stephanie, New Mexico
You would have been so proud of Dallas today. She stood up in front of our 400 students with the greatest poise and composure. She drew them in from the start and had them laughing and listening at the same time.
I shared the DVD with a girls school in Memphis.
Thank you for your help in connecting us with Dallas.
– Marie, Nashville, TN
Thanks so much for helping all of the ladies, young and old, that have no idea what to do in a dangerous situation. I know from experience that they might not remember everything from this DVD. But when they are suddenly caught in that situation they will remember. I wish I would have had something like this when I was a teen. You're saving many lives with this DVD and giving confidence to young ladies who need it much more today than we ever have. What a fantastic job this young lady has done for all women. My hats off to her. Thanks again.
– Gail
Just thought I\'d write and let you know that I have watched your just yell fire video and I love it. In fact after some sexual assaults occured around our college campus, I sent my student newspaper the link to the just yell fire video, and it was published in my college\'s student newspaper. Anyways, congrats on all you have accomplished Dallas!
Keep fighting!
– Anonymous
My teen daughters and I have just finished watching Montel Williams show. I am so impressed with the courage and determination of Dallas and her friends for making this video. Keep up the good work, everyone who helped in the film should be proud of what they have done and know that they are helping to save someone's life.
– Michelle, Darlington, PA
My daughter turns 15 next month and I am an elementary school teacher in Santa Rosa, CA. I heard about the movie on Clark Howard last night and listened to a few seconds on my computer. I am really impressed. What a proactive, "real" and effective way
to reach and keep our girls safe.
– Adele, Santa Rosa, CA
I had my daughter watch the film and now she wants every girl in her high school to see it. I know you work with schools, what is the process and how can I help my daughter bring "just yell fire" to her school and friends?
– Laurel
Hi Dallas,

First of all my daughter and I love Just Yell Fire!
I run my own Personal Self Defense program, It's a family run side business, nothing big.
I have been involved in the Martial Arts since 1990, I train with people of all ages and I saw your Just Yell Fire dvd a few years ago and I have had my daughter who is now a teenager OMG! watch with me and her friends. Usually when they sleep over this is how I introduce the dvd, sometimes my daughter gives me the look like "dad really? Now."…lol  but I get them to watch and I really think this is a Great tool for all girls to have! To give them a sense of knowing they can fight back!  To know how to defend themselves with basic life saving Techniques.  I will be posting your link to my NPSDT page on Facebook.
Thank you for this DVD! And for having it out there for anyone to see.

Once again.
– John
I have watched the DVD and I think you have done a great and creative job. I think it will be quite valuable to young girls. I have 6 grand-daughters and I am very much concerned for their safety. I think your work is a great step forward in helping to keep young women safe. Also I really think your statements as to worth and self-esteem as well as "rights" was an added touch of tremendous importance. Thanks again.
– David, Pennsylvania
Thank you so much for everything that you have done with your involvment in 'Just yell fire'. I have a 13 year old daughter with a bunch of very close friends. As soon as we get our d.v.d. we will be having a pizza night with them all and watching "JUST YELL FIRE". The world needs more people like you.
– Betty, Blaine, WA
223 Comments • Random SelectionOrdered by Date
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