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I have six young nieces (and one nephew) and have tried to teach them how to prevent an abduction or unwanted touching. I taught them to yell 'fire' as loudly as possible, thinking it would get more attention than 'help'. I am happy to see that I wsa doing it right. I applaud what you and this team have accomplished and I plan to promote the DVD to everyone I know. Thank you for your dedication to this project.
– Katherine, North Vernon, IN
I am the Director of Marketing at Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette. This film is amazing. Many thanks.
– Adrienne
I received the DVD on Wednesday and we watched it right away. I loved how it explained, in detail, exactly what the girls were doing. You gave ideas I'd never thought of, such as pulling on the ears. I'd thought of the eyes, but never gave it much thought as to using more than one finger and concentrating on only one eye.
Thank you so much for the DVD. I hope your valuable message spreads all across the country! God Bless!
– Bev, Plymouth, OH
I don't exactly live in the BEST neighborhood and I walk to and from school every 5 feet I constantly catch myself turning around to make sure I'm not being followed, and the cat calls from way older men just scares me to death that one of them will act on it one day so thats why I am writing cuz I can't afford any type of classes or anything, I figure this is the next best thing (: and I think what you girls have done is just amazing you should be so so proud of yourselves, that's from the bottom of my heart and I'm sure you have saved lives. Thanks again.
– Burlyn, Morgan Hill, CA
I think that you both are doing an amazing and inspiring job making this video. It could effect mostly teenage girls. It could save a tune of girls all around the world. I know a friend that was followed by an elderly man, so instead of fighting him or doing something she just ran! He could have followed her home and done pretty bad things to her. I am 12 years old almost 13 and I was almost kidnapped! After I saw the Montel show, I knew that I had to see your website and look at the video. It is truly inspiring!!! Around my area here in Toronto there are a lot of girls who were being kidnpped and they only yelled out help and they didn't do anything. I live in Toronto. Even the most smallest children are being kidnapped in my area! So, in my school they always say to be very careful and we always get newsletters saying if there is someone in the neighboor hood or if a man got released from jail. Our principal is very caring and has codes for when strangers come in. Code red means that there is a man inside the school. So, we get down and lock the doors and hide until it is safe. Code yellow is when someone is around the area. Code orange is when someone is in the school yard. I am a big fan and you are so brave!!! I wish I could be like you and be so brave!!!
– Fernanda, A Big Fan, Toronto
Thanks alot. You should be really proud of your daughter (I'm sure you are). She and her friend have probably saved lives of girls everywhere. I am going to show all my friends the dvd (I'm a mini distributor, LOL). It's very important to know how to defend yourself! I hope you can pass on my thanks to them and say I really admire what they are doing!
– Hope, Worcestershire, England
I want to start out by saying thank you for making this video, I think it will help a lot of young girls defend themselves from an attacker. I have several nieces that I want to see this video so that maybe they will know how to act if they ever find themselves in an unthinkable situation. I wished I had known about something like that when I was a teenager/young woman. I was date raped when I was twenty years old and I did not think there was anything that I could do because I went with this guy on my own free will. I tried to fight back but it was not enough. Please send me this video because I want the girls in my family to be prepared.
– Summer, Cullman, Al
I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to see that our youth are concerned about this topic. I am a troop leader for Girl Scouts of the Rio Grande, in El PAso, Texas, and a detention officer for El Paso County Juvenile Probation Department. I currently run the Studio 2B Program ( Girl Scouts) which is a program designed by girls for girls at the Juvenile Probation Department. It appears that our youth are fed up with abuse and rape. One of the focus series books is called "Take Charge" and it is about rape and abuse. In the book it also recommends to "yell fire" for the same reasons you described. Your video , along with my group will be most helpful and impactful. I will definately forward your link to Girl Scouts of the Rio Grande.
– Rose, El Paso, TX
My name is Jessy, I'm a mother of three, 13, 7, and 4 and I am so glad you made a movie that shows them just how to protect themselves when I can't. I have taken this DVD to the school board in my area and your video will now be a key to saving kids for the next at least four years in classrooms in the Dallas area. you have truly made a difference in the world!! Be proud! All of those who made this possible!
– Jessy, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
I am a junior at Gettysburg College in PA. I don't know if you have been watching the news lately, but there has been a murder on our college campus last Thursday. One student (a male senior) strangled and murdered his (ex-)girlfriend of one year (a sophomore). It really shook our campus hard, along with myself, even though i did not know either one that was involved. After breaking down a little tonight, i realized, crying was not going to change the past; nor prevent incidents, assaults, nor murders like this from happening again in the future.
What will? Taking action!
I found your contact information after googling 'self defense for women classes' and wanted to get in contact with you right away. I was hoping you could hold self defense classes for female students, or any woman (faculty, staff or students) on our campus to help protect us if we were to ever get ourselves in this type of situation. It is very scary to know that an innocent 19 year old young woman was strangled, stabbed and murdered by someone that loved her for a year. Not even a stranger, or a crazy drug addict rapist on the street! Her boyfriend! Someone she trusted and loved! How scary is that? She was not able to get away, she was not able to defend herself. She died because of that.
But you... you have the power to give us woman that power. You have the ability to give us woman the ability to defend ourselves. To win. To live. And to help with our recovery of her death on our campus. I believe that immediately holding these self defense classes on our campus will prove that Emily Rachel Silverstein did not die in vain.
Please help me, help us. Give us the power, the ability to defend ourselves and live.
– Jaclyn, Gettysburg, PA
223 Comments • Random SelectionOrdered by Date
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