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Just Yell Fire - A Million Girl Revolution Combating Violence Against Young Women


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I am interested in becoming a certified trainer for Just Yell Fire. I gained my Master's degree in Library Science last May with an emphasis in children's and youth services, and hope to find a job soon as a public librarian. With the amount of contact I will have in that field with young and teenage girls, as well as contacts with schools and other libraries, I would like to find out how to become involved and help promote your program.
I have been training in aikido as a self-defense art since June, and will be testing for my first rank soon. The more I learned in aikido, the more it made me aware of how girls and women in America are socialized about violence. Movies, television, and popular media seem to promote the belief that girls and women cannot win or escape in a situation where we are under attack by a man. Recognizing this made me interested in finding out what programs were already available to promote girls' and women's self-defense. I discovered Just Yell Fire by Googling "women's self-defense". I was thrilled to find that someone has begun a movement to counter that socialization early in women's lives, beginning with teaching the girls who are most at risk that they CAN defend themselves and escape an attacker, even if their attacker is much larger. I myself am only 5'1", and the techniques that eliminate an attacker's advantage of greater height are also especially applicable to me.
I live in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and I would like any information available on training for certification for Just Yell Fire, either locally or in neighboring states if necessary. Many thanks to you, Dallas, and everyone else involved with Just Yell Fire for your caring and hard work.
– Jennifer, St. Louis, MO
Hello, I just finished watching Just Yell Fire. I heard about it on the Clark Howard Show and decided to check it out. I am a Supervisor for a Juvenile Detention Center, in Quincy, Illinois and I work with females from 10 - 17 years of age. I think this would have such an impact on them. I would like a copy of your DVD for the Detention Center. I will definately pass this information on to all those that I know could benefit from this film. Your daughter and her friend did an excellent job, thanks for informing the public that this is out there.
Thanks Again
– Stephanie, Quincy, IL
Just this morning I heard Dallas Jessup interviewed on the Family Life Network. The interview was riveting, I just stopped what I was doing to listen and in just that short time I heard some really valuable tips. I am a health educator and very interested in girl's and women's protection. I would like to request a copy of the dvd because the information you provide is critically important and I want to be able to share it with others.
– Heidi,, Corning, NY
I've just spent my whole weekend to watch this superb film. I've just emailed all my friends and family this film so they could watch it too and teach their children the useful information. I always wanted to go to courses in how to defend myself but just havenīt got around to doing it. Now Iīm going to have a Just Yell Fire-evening with my girlfriends to practice and to talk about the film.
Thank you so much for doing this film!
– Susanna, Stockholm, Sweden
Dallas. you point blank are incredible. Not amazing. Not good. Incredible. You are a huge help in helping young girls everywhere. I most certaintly apperciate all you've done. Please. Please keep up with what you are doing. Thank you.
– Kiana
I have six young nieces (and one nephew) and have tried to teach them how to prevent an abduction or unwanted touching. I taught them to yell 'fire' as loudly as possible, thinking it would get more attention than 'help'. I am happy to see that I wsa doing it right. I applaud what you and this team have accomplished and I plan to promote the DVD to everyone I know. Thank you for your dedication to this project.
– Katherine, North Vernon, IN
I saw you on the Montel Williams show the other day. Wow, what a blessing you two are. I sure wish that I could have seen something like that when I was in my early teens. I have a 12 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. Thank you so much for your time and ambition. I am sure there will be many lives saved through watching this. Thank you!!!
– Deon, Kingston, WA
Hi. I saw you girls on Montel and I wanted to take a moment to say Thank-You. The number of girls you both are helping through this video is more than you could ever imagine. I live in Eastern Canada and have taken your video and sent it out to our local Community Collage to be sent out to all the students as these techniques are some that can be used by anyone, at any age. I also hope to make it available to the elementry and high school kids in town. We live in a small community, less than 5000 people approx., and everyone here believes it is a safe place. Because of parents beliefs, no one is taking the time to teach our girls what to do if they find themselves in danger. Although we all want to protect our kids, keeping them in the dark about what happens in the world is not the way. I fully believe this nietivity was party of what led to me being raped by someone I thought was a friend when I was 15. I wish I had known what to do then, but knowing that it is here to help the next girl is enough. Please keep doing what you are doing. And from me alone, Thank-You for keeping my family safe. My daughters (5 & 12) and myself (27).
– Tara, Eastern Canada
I saw you on the Montel show, and think what you are doing is absolutely great, and very important. I am a Senior Master Police Officer with the Helena Police Department in Helena, Mt. I have downloaded your movie and will be giving copies of it to the school resource officers in our high schools and middle schools. This is very important information, and it is awesome for you to undertake this project. Thank you from all of us in the law enforcement profession, It is things like this that make all our lives easier, and the lives of others safer.
– Anonymous, Senior Master Police Officer Denny Davis, Helena Police Department, Helena, MT
I just happened to stumble across your website when I was on google, and the words "Just Yell Fire" caught my attention. Once I was on your website and saw what it was about...well words can't really describe how I felt! I live in the state of Georgia and I'm in 7th grade, but you'd be surprised to know about alot of the stuff that's happened at my school. Well one day I went to school only to find out that my best friend was almost raped that past weekend. And I was so scared for her because I myself have been in that situation before. And after seeing this...I have alot of respect for you (this coming from a 13 year old)
and I'm proud of you for going out and actually doing your best to make a difference in the world! Because all over the world girls are constantly being put into a position where their first natural instinct is to panic, and they don't know what to do. All they know is that they are being assaulted but with your help and inspirational video women can know that they can go out and not be scared because they automatically know now what to do if placed in a frightening situation like the one's in your video. Now thanks to you women can fight back without being scared that a man twice their size can overpower them. Because finally women have a system that will work everytime in any assault situation. And I would like to personally thank you for starting this non-profit organization "Just Yell Fire" for women in need all over the world. Also I'd like to congradulate you for your awards. And it's funny, because most kids have a role model that's a celebrity, but I can honestly say that Dallas, you are my role model and I wish that I was able to make as big a difference as you! Oh and by the way, I'm definately going to be telling just about everyone I know about "Just Yell Fire"
– Carrie, Georgia
223 Comments • Random SelectionOrdered by Date
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