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Yahoo! News
154,000 Women on Campus Join the Just Yell Fire Revolution Against Rape and Abuse on Campus
Just Yell Fire, a nonprofit combating violence and abuse against girls and young women, expands its million-girl footprint by 154,000 today announcing the launch of its Just Yell Fire: Campus Life safety and self defense program for college women in conjunction with one of America's leading sororities: Alpha Omicron Pi.
Just Yell Fire, founded by Vanderbilt University senior and Alpha Omicron Pi member Dallas Jessup six years ago, has grown into 66 countries with the unique strategy of ...

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Boston Parents' Paper
As date rape drugs continue to permeate college campuses and their communities, a new tool has emerged to help young women identify whether their drink has been spiked.
Just Yell Fire, an organization created by Vanderbilt University student Dallas Jessup to combat abuse and violence against young women, is offering a drink coaster that quickly tests for the three common date rape drugs (Rohypnol, Ketamine or GHB) with just a swipe of the liquid.
In the past couple of years, date rape...

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Pegasus News
Young people should be able to go to a party, restaurant or club without fearing for their safety.
The holiday party season is in full swing, bringing together family, friends and co-workers to celebrate the good times had throughout the past 12 months.
But as the calendar fills with social requests, police departments, other law enforcement agencies and crisis centers ask partygoers to remember a darker deed that often goes unnoticed.
Jennifer Spugnardi, the executive director of The Turning Point Rape Crisis Center in Plano, said incidents of non-stranger sexual...

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Safety Expert Jenna Watson here with some simple, smart and chique products for your personal protection.
[including Date Rape Test Coasters from justyellfire.com]

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My Fox Boston
Combating Violence against women with the new Just Yell Fire coasters.

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KPFT 90.1 FM
"The great thing about Just Yell Fire is we're able to condense years of martial arts into one hour and give you
those core techniques that will really help you get out of a situation."
-Dallas Jessup

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