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The Fitz Hugh
Arming Girls With Tools to Fight Back
Growing up in Canada, a girl has a 50 per cent chance of experiencing sexual or physical abuse.
This staggering statistic released by the Canadian Women's Foundation is why films like Just Yell Fire are integral in spreading awareness and and arming girls with tools to fight back. Making its Canadian debut, Just Yell Fire and the woman behind its creation, Dallas Jessup, will be in Jasper on Tuesday, Nov. 20.
"It's so cliché that every woman thinks it's not going to be them...

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Heart of Gold
Meet Dallas Jessup-fiery CEO of nonprofit Just Yell Fire. Her mission started at just 13 years old, when the black belt martial artist decided to make a "home movie" designed to teach high school girls self-defense techniques to protect themselves in harmful situations. Within two months, that DIY movie blossomed into a 46-minute professional production featuring LOST stars Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly and utilizing $600,000 in donated resources. Dallas placed the video online for free...

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Youth Radio
Dallas Jessup, 20, is founder and CEO of Just Yell Fire -- a nonprofit working to empower girls to defend themselves against rape and abduction by learning Filipino Street Fighting techniques. She just won a World of Children Award grant to develop her organization further.
Jessup created Just Yell Fire when she was 15. Jessup has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a second degree in Filipino Street Fighting and made a self-defense video for her all-girls school. She is...

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The Huffington Post
I love New York City in the fall, and one of my favorite events of the season is the annual World of Children Award Gala, at which I have the profound pleasure of meeting the newest class of changemakers for children who are there to receive their World of Children Award.
I am lucky enough to hear firsthand what motivated them to devote countless hours -- all unpaid -- to launching and growing highly effective and successful nonprofits that are changing the lives of tens of...

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Hinton Voice
Cara Kulbacki, family violence prevention coordinator for the Yellowhead Emergency Shelter, took a shot in the dark and reached out to internationally-known motivational speaker, Dallas Jessup, in the hopes she would present her Just Yell Fire workshop for local girls.
"I thought, for sure, she doesn't have time for little old Hinton," said Kulbacki. "But she called me back the next day."
As a result, Jessup will be making her debut appearance in Canada when she visits the...

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