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A Vanderbilt University student will soon be honored with the so-called Nobel Prize for child advocates after creating self-defense videos that help women fight back and live life on their own terms.
Dallas Jessup, 20, began her mission to empower women when she was just a high school freshman and saw a frightening video of a Florida girl.
"A man came up and said something to her, and she went away willingly. And four days later, they found her body. And I watched that going, 'that...

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Metro New York
When you think of customizable apps for the college crowd, the first thing that comes to mind is rarely public safety.
But that's exactly the goal of Ping4 this fall. Using innovative technologies such as geo-fencing - which allows users to target a specific area - Ping4 enables students to notify others of a dangerous situation. If you witness a mugging, for example, Ping4 lets you tell all other users who are within the area. You can provide details on what you witnessed, and if you...

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Chattanooga Times Free Press
Dallas Jessup came home from high school one day and watched the surveillance footage of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia's abduction -- never suspecting the short video would change the course of her life.
In the footage, Carlie is approached by a man as she walks home from a friend's house.
"She went away with him willingly," Jessup said. "And they found her body four days later."
Watching the video ignited a passion in Jessup, then 14 years old. She's 20 now, and the same passion...

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AM Northwest
For most young women, college is typically their first experience living away from home. They're excited, naive, and believe themselves world-wise. Unfortunately, regardless of geography or socio-economic circumstances, 1 in 3 will be victims of dating abuse, sexual assault, date rape drugs, hate crimes, or just random violence. (Dept. of Justice stats)
Dallas Jessup of Vancouver, a Vanderbilt University junior, created a way to reduce those numbers. She put together an all-volunteer cast...

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Black-belt Dallas Jessup teaches girls how to fend off attackers
"FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!" someone yells. Students at the school bus stop look over, but instead of a fire they see a large man grabbing a petite teenage girl by her arms. Yelling, she kicks his groin jabs her thumb into his eye and pulls his ear. He backs off in pain, enabling her to escape.
The girl is 14-year-old Dallas Jessup, starring in her own film, Just Yell Fire. The film is aimed at helping 11- to 19-year-old girls avoid abduction and sexual predation with fight-back skills and...

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