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Florida Leads
Boys and girls are changing the world. If you stop and look, it's happening all around us. Although we may not hear these stories on a regular basis, it is important to slow down and learn from what boys and girls are doing to make a difference in their communities. After all, these examples inspire other boys and girls to tap into their own passions. Who knows, they just might inspire you too. Here are a few that have stood out for me…
1. Ryan's Well - The...

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Teen Vogue Magazine
This 20-year-old college student makes films to teach girls self-defense so they can protect themselves from sexual violence and abduction.
CAUSE: At age fourteen, Dallas Jessup founded the Just Yell Fire non-profit organization to combat sexual violence against young women. She created a film to raise awareness about the dangers posed to high school girls, and offered instruction on street fighting self-defense moves. The now-20-year-old Vanderbilt University student recently launched her follow-up film, Just Yell Fire: Campus Life, to address dating abuse and violence on college campuses. Dallas has implemented instructional...

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Lilly Pulitzer - A Colorful Blog
The Vandy AOII girls impressed us with their 10,000 (10,000!!!!) hours of volunteer service just this year. (we love that at Lilly)  Yet… they still managed to maintain a strong GPA and better yet, have a GREAT time doing it!  Find out more about some of Nashville's finest….and our first Alpha Omicron Pi chapter to be featured here on Sisterhood Spotlight!
1. School, Sorority & Chapter Name
Vanderbilt University, Alpha Omicron Pi, Nu Omicron...

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Houston Family Magazine
It's prom season; meaning parents can kiss the Sand Man good-bye and prepare for sleepless nights of worry and wonder. For every teen, high school prom is the stuff of dreams. For every parent, it's the harbinger of nightmares. While kids fantasize about formal gowns, fancy limos, dreamy dates, and dancing 'til dawn, their parents fret about drunken after parties, drugged cocktails, unsafe sex, and unparalleled peer pressure for which their children may or not be physically or emotionally...

Fox Atlanta
The school year will soon come to an end, and that means your kids will be spending their summer days burning energy outdoors. But does your child know what to do if they're targeted by a predator?
Revved Up Kids is a metro Atlanta area business that is dedicated to teaching kids the warning signs and show them what to do if a predator targets them. Co-founder Allison Neal dropped by Good Day to show our own Paul Milliken how they help kids learn to protect themselves.
More info:...

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A national program that helps females learn how to avoid and escape dangerous situations is being taught locally.
Lynn Fulmore didn't know the self-defense and get-away skills she now teaches when she was attacked as a teen.
Out with a group of friends who spent the night at the movies and then hanging out, Fulmore wasn't drunk, but her friends were - including the boy she was with who seemed nice enough in public but turned aggressive when they were alone. Thrown on her belly, as he forced himself on her, she thrust her fingers into the back of her throat and vomited. As he jumped off her, repulsed,...

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