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Elle Girl
Nineteen-year-old Dallas Jessup made headlines with her non-profit documentary Just Yell Fire exploring violence against girls and affected the lives of teens in over 50 countries. Dallas's newest film, Just Yell Fire: Campus Life, is out just in time for Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, and she was willing to answer a few questions about filmmaking, the importance of standing up for yourself, and what it was like to be named a CNN Hero.
ELLEgirl (EG): What inspired you to...

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Cover2Cover Magazine
See page 19 for interview on cover2coverpublications.com.
"So the opportunity to help thousands, if not millions of girls learn their dating rights, the dangers they face at college, how to avoid those dangers, and some quick-learn techniques to get out of bad situations was simply too compelling," said Jessup.

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Aha! Parenting
Did you know that one out of every four girls in middle school today will be date-raped by the time she's 22?  That predators try to abduct about 100,000 teenage girls each year, with the risk peaking at age 15?   As I consider my 16 year old and her friends, these statistics are shocking, unbearable. 
Want to arm your daughter so she's more able to defend herself?  Check out JustYellFire.com and download the free movie hosted by stars of Lost and featuring Portland teen Dallas...

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Logos Now
20 year-old Dallas Jessup talks about her organization Just Yell Fire When Dallas Jessup walked into school to teach about her organization, Just Yell Fire, I don't think anyone was prepared for what this petite Vanderbilt junior had in store for us.
Sitting in the theater on a Monday afternoon with a food induced coma, many of us were expecting just another battle of keeping our eyes open. But surprisingly, Jessup was able to capture our attention pretty quickly, a difficult...

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Open Forum
Thanks to 19-year-old Dallas Jessup, today thousands of teenage girls can defend themselves against sexual violence. "I'm trying to save a generation," she says.
Jessup is founder of Just Yell Fire, a non profit dedicated to educating adolescents on defense against sexual attacks and abduction. She started the organization five years ago, at the age of 13, after her mother showed her the widely viewed footage of Carlie Brucia, the 11-year-old Florida resident abducted and ...

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Bust Magazine
Dallas Jessup teaches young women how to stand up to attackers
DALLAS JESSUP was a 13-year-old Portland, OR high school freshman in 2004 when she first saw the survaillance video on the news of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia being abducted from a Florida car wash. As subsequent reports of the girl's rape and murder rolled in, Jessup, though still a kid herself, was inspired to act. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a student of Filipino street fighting, she realized she possessed a certain set...

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