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Jennifer and Rick Laskey

Jennifer and Rick Laskey
Cincinnati Ohio
Toll-free: 1-866-546-3139
Phone: 859-907-9663


Jennifer and Rick Laskey are a husband and wife team of Certified JYF Instructors working to deliver the Just Yell Fire message to as many individuals and families as possible in the Northern Kentucky & Greater Cincinnati area.

After leaving careers in accounting and financial services, both found themselves becoming entrepreneurs with Jennifer becoming a very successful Executive Director, with Thirty-One Gifts and Rick writing personal and corporate biographies and then settling into property management.

After the birth of their daughter in the spring of 2010, both Jen and Rick recognized an immediate need to be able to give their daughter the tools she needed to ensure she never becomes a victim of an abduction or sexual assault. Now 2 years later the Laskey’s have a new mission and that starts with teaching Just Yell Fire seminars.

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