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Lynn Fulmore of Epic Trainings

Lynn Fulmore, Founder/Master Instructor
Epic Trainings
Rochester New York
Phone: 585-615-4379
Web: http://www.epictrainings.com/


Lynn Fulmore is the founder and Master Instructor of EPIC Trainings: Emergency Preparedness Instruction & Certifications.

EPIC is a full service Health, Safety & Wellness Training Center offering classes for adults, children, professional and lay responders in everything from: CPR, First Aid, babysitter’s training, coach’s safety, internet safety, OHSA trainings and also: Just Yell FIRE a self-defense/awareness class for girls/teens ages 11+. Lynn, also a paramedic, has made it her life’s mission to teach as many people as possible the all important lifesaving skills necessary to preserve, protect and sustain the lives of others.

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