"Predators couldn't care less about the value of human life. What if a predator couldn't take your daughter because she was smarter and faster? That's what Just Yell Fire™ is all about. We can use your help spreading the word." – Dallas Jessup

Your Donation Will Help Us Put Rapists and Predators Out of Business – Worldwide.

Two ways to give:

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Your donation will support these programs:

  1. We mail free DVDs to any teen girl anywhere who is unable to download Just Yell Fire™ for free on the Internet (many don't have Internet access).
  2. In our Train the Trainer program we train a few high school coaches and PE teachers from each school district so that they, in turn can train the other coaches, and then those can teach the Just Yell Fire™ get-away strategies to a generation of teen girls as it is incorporated into the curriculum. This is how Just Yell Fire™ will cost-effectively get around the world. We are gathering individual and corporate sponsors to make this happen.

Thank you for your support! – Dallas Jessup and the volunteers of Just Yell Fire™. 

Did you know there are more than 114,000 attempted abductions each year in the United States alone? The risk for teen girls peaks at age 15.  – US Dept. of Justice

Did you know that one in four girls now in middle school will be raped before they graduate college?  That's not okay – we are putting a stop to that with Just Yell Fire™.