Sandy High's 750 girls armed for spring break

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Sandy High's 750 girls armed for spring break

Local businesses sponsor March 14 street fighting self-defense program

With spring break right around the corner, two Sandy business owners are taking action to help protect every one of Sandy High School’s 750 girls.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 14, all Sandy High girls will learn the street fighting self-defense techniques of the “Just Yell Fire” program, a short-course designed for girls ages 11 to 19. The program has been seen on Fox News, in InTouch Weekly Magazine and on the “Montel Williams” show. The girls will learn how a 100-pound girl can bite, yell, eye-gouge and groin-slap away from any bad situation, including against a 250-pound attacker.

“I have girls in my office who have been date raped,” said Mikki Proffitt, a drug and alcohol counselor for the Oregon Trail School District. “It’s huge and very hard to deal with. It affects their lives for years to come.”

Proffitt is grateful to local business owners who are making it possible for Sandy High School to offer the presentation. “I’m thrilled; it’s a gift to us,” she said.

“If it protects or enlightens just one child, that’s of great benefit as far as we’re concerned,” said Therese Fleischman, proprietor of Celtic Spirit Yoga and Windermere Sandy Real Estate, one of the sponsors.

Kurt and Michelle Winner of Kurt & Michelle Winner Wedding Officiants are co-sponsoring the event with Fleischman, which includes purchasing a DVD of the “Just Yell Fire” film for each girl. The film includes a “Dating Bill of Rights” to let teen girls know it’s OK to say no and that they have the right to fight back.

The Winners and Fleishchman have arranged for two of the martial artists who co-star in “Just Yell Fire” — Dallas Jessup and Catherine Wehage — to present the film, demonstrate some techniques in person and answer questions. The film includes appearances by Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway of the television series “Lost.”

For more information about the “Just Yell Fire” program, visit or call Maggie at 1-360-521-0437.