Free DVD Teaches Women And Teens To Protect Themselves From Attack

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Free DVD Teaches Women And Teens To Protect Themselves From Attack

With a sexual predator still on the loose in the Stetson Hills area, women may be wondering how to fight off an attacker who may be bigger and stronger.

There's a new resource available to anyone who has access to a computer, "Just Yell Fire".

That's the title, and one of the surprising ideas to stop a sexual assault, presented on a new DVD.

We sat down with sex crimes detective Jerry Day to get his opinion on the film.

There have been three assaults linked to one suspect since August in the Stetson Hills area.

Day says random assaults like these are very rare: attacks by acquaintances are common, but in either case following your intuition is key.

Day says, if you start to wonder whether you're safe you need to listen to that inner voice and get out of the situation.

But he says go against your instinct to yell "help", and yell "fire" if you're attacked.

Day says a call for help is all too often ignored, people don't take it seriously, but because fire affects everyone it gets more attention.

Remember your primary goal is to escape the situation. Screaming for immediate attention can take the attacker by surprise, ruining his plan.

You may think you're too small or too weak, but Day says you can arm yourself with knowledge, like that presented in the film

You can download your own free copy of the film at

Day says the investigation of the recent attacks in the Springs is multi-county, multi-agency and they are pooling information and resources to catch this predator.