‘Just Yell Fire’ shot on campus

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‘Just Yell Fire’ shot on campus

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"Just Yell Fire," a movie intended to teach self-defense against abduction and rape, was shot almost entirely on campus over the course of five days in June.

CCC students Devin Graham and Chris Hinton assist Gaffer Rick Lord and Director of Photography Ed Henry in filming Catherine Wehage at the Tri-Met bus stop on campus.

Henry and Director Takafumi Uehara plan a shot in the Niemeyer Center lobby.

Dallas Jessup and Park Maguire act out a scene in which Jessup disables her would-be rapist, played by Maguire.

Hinton adjusts a light on the second floor of Niemeyer.

Cinetopia, a movie theater in Vancouver, held two sequential showings of "Just Yell Fire" on Oct. 3.

Running just over 45 minutes, the movie is now available to download for free on-line at www.justyellfire.com.

Cast and crew members Maguire, Uehara, Jessup, Wehage, Chad Von Dette and Matthew Wadzita at the Cinetopia showings.

Uehara and Portland Assistant Police Chief Brian Martinek, who appears in the movie, reunite at Cinetopia.

Further coverage on "Just Yell Fire" will be printed in next week's edition of The Print.