Crime Prevention 101 with Just Yell Fire

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Just Yell Fire is one of the *hottest* self defense programs around for girls between the ages of 11-19. It teaches awareness about assault and abduction, personal safety skills and some simple street-fighting skills to get out of attack situations. It also give students a Dating Bill of Rights that addresses the problem of dating violence. Since 2006, they've taught self defense skills to more than 1 million girls in 41 countries and won seven awards. This week, Crime Prevention Specialist Susan Bartelstone interviews Chad Von Dette, who is a co-creator of Just Yell Fire, along with teenager Dallas Jessup, and is their street fighting coach. We're giving out lots of safety tips and information on how to get their free DVD, so if you've got a young girl at home or you know someone who does, why not spread the word and listen together. You're not going to want to miss this program.