Free Tips on Fighting off Attackers and Abducters - Local News

SACRAMENTO, CA - In light of several stories News10 has been following recently dealing with abductions and attacks, "News10 Good Morning" spoke with a leader in the quest for street safety, and she's only 17 years old.

Oregon teenager Dallas Jessup is the founder of an international self-defense training program for young girls called "Just Yell Fire."

The program teaches women defensive preparedness techniques and offers ways for individuals to draw attention to themselves during an attack.

"Yelling "help" or "rape" may frighten away potential witnesses," says Jessup. "Yelling "fire" tends to draw a crowd."

Jessup received her black-belt at age 13 and started getting questions from friends on how to keep themselves safe.

Jessup compiled a series of skills that she says can stop an attacker of any size.

The teen says knowing what one can do with their own hands and body is key when being attacked. She recommends pulling on an assailants ear as a defense.

"It only takes seven to ten pounds of pressure to rip an ear off," says Jessup. "And the good thing is anyone can do it."

For her accomplishments, Jessup has received numerous honors, including selection as a CNN Hero and membership in the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans. She also was chosen for the President's Youth Service Award, Points of Light Award, Elle Girl Teen Hero, and Do Something Winner, among others.