Lighting a Fire

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What would your daughter do if she were cornered by a sexual predator? Would she know how to get out of the situation? Could she handle herself if her date got out of hand? Could she escape if someone twice her size tried to abduct her? Or would she be the one in four girls between 11-20 who are sexually assaulted in this country? Dallas Jessup could defend herself at 13, and she wants your daughter to be able to, as well.

Lighting a Fire

Jessup was a 13-year-old with a black belt when she saw a security video of a young girl being grabbed, who was eventually raped and killed. When friends of Jessup, afraid of such a thing happening to them, started asking her for self-defense advice, "Just Yell Fire" was born.

Just Yell Fire ( teaches young girls to defend themselves with various street-fighting techniques. Eye jabs, ear slaps, biting and kicks or punches to the groin can get a girl, even small one, away from an attacker. The name comes from the fact that people will often ignore things when they are not sure what`s going on. When someone yells "fire," people will pay attention.

Rick Life and Caleb Robertson of the Estes Park Police Department brought a workshop to the Estes Park High School on Thursday, hoping to help both boys and girls obtain the tools and techniques that would allow them to escape an attacker.

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