'Fired Up': Young Women Learn Self Defense

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"Eyes, the ears, and the groin, and if you can't get to those targets, we teach them to bite and this is what can get an 11 year old girl away from a 250 pound man," says co-creator of "Just Yell Fire" Chad Von Dette.

A kidnapping and sexual assault last month on campus prompted these free classes. The attack still has some students... nervous -- especially since the suspect -- the man in this composite sketch -- has not yet been found.

"Definitely more afraid of it happening again or maybe the person that did it coming back," student Lizbeth Lopez.

That's why police teamed up with the San Diego organization "just yell fire" to host this class.

The organization encourages people to yell the word "fire" if they are attacked -- people are more likely to pay attention. Above all, be aware.

"Walking around, looking at your cell phone while you're texting, you could walk into a room of lions and not even know," says Von Dette.

A two hour class -- with life saving lessons.

"You don't think it's going to happen to you, and when it does happen to you, how are you going to react? And I think that's what education provides," says Golden West College Spokeswoman Margie Bunten.

"A little more confident, definitely," says Lopez. -- to prevent this from happening again.