Students learn 'Groin slap is a girl's best friend

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Students learn 'Groin slap is a girl's best friend
20 year-old Dallas Jessup talks about her organization Just Yell Fire

When Dallas Jessup walked into school to teach about her organization, Just Yell Fire, I donít think anyone was prepared for what this petite Vanderbilt junior had in store for us.

Sitting in the theater on a Monday afternoon with a food induced coma, many of us were expecting just another battle of keeping our eyes open. But surprisingly, Jessup was able to capture our attention pretty quickly, a difficult achievement in itself.

Jessup shared that Just Yell Fireís goal is to teach girls how to defend themselves against predators. After getting the standard rundown on the organization and its success, students soon came to understand that this was no ordinary girl.

Not only is she a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a second degree instructor in Filipino street fighting, she has been hugged by Zac Efron ó a worthy achievement in my book.

Although the assembly started seriously, with Jessup making sure that each of us knew our individual rights to safety and respect, the audienceís energy level intensified when she proceeded to demonstrate the core techniques of the program. I am confident that each of us will never forget the beauty of the eye gouge, ear grab and groin slap.

Admittedly, after seeing Dallas in action, she terrified me. Never have I seen such power in such a little person. Although the Just Yell Fire assembly was amusing, a little mind boggling and slightly terrifying, I think the overall message was beneficial to our education as girls.

Jessup is a living example of a smart and capable young woman. Her message that each girl has a right to defend herself and be strong is something that each of us should strive to embody. Personally, I found this assembly both entertaining and educational, but for those of you who submitted to the temptation of a quick nap after lunch, remember one thing: when in doubt, groin slap.