College Safety For Women

AM Northwest - Talk Show

For most young women, college is typically their first experience living away from home. They’re excited, naive, and believe themselves world-wise. Unfortunately, regardless of geography or socio-economic circumstances, 1 in 3 will be victims of dating abuse, sexual assault, date rape drugs, hate crimes, or just random violence. (Dept. of Justice stats)

Dallas Jessup of Vancouver, a Vanderbilt University junior, created a way to reduce those numbers. She put together an all-volunteer cast and crew to produce the film Just Yell Fire: Campus Life to raise awareness among her peers of the unique dangers girls face at college, to give them some danger avoidance strategies, and some street fighting get-away moves to earn a few seconds to get away from danger when it finds them.

For more information, or to watch the video for free, visit the Just Yell Fire website.