Back to School Safety at University of Washington

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Campus safety is on the minds of many incoming freshmen as the University of Washington and other colleges begin classes this week.

"First thing is to fight back. Look confident when you're walking around. Predators and rapists are looking for people who are shuffling, looking at their iPhones, people who don't look like they're going to put up much of a fight, unfortunately,” Jessup said.

Jessup offers these tips:

  • Go for your attacker’s main targets like the eyes, ears and groin.
  • Never put down your drink at parties.
  • Never walk alone at night.
  • Avoid areas that poorly lit like parking lots and ATMs.
  • Lock up your sorority or dorm room and never give strangers access to your building. A big trend is hall cruising in which predators try to slip into a house or dorm.