For Young Women 18 to 24
College and Preparing for College

The Just Yell Fire seminar for college women is focused on the concept that college is often a girl’s first experience living away from home and her naiveté and trust leave her vulnerable to some unique dangers. We created this program in collaboration with college students, educators, law enforcement, women’s groups, and martial artists to teach young women their dating rights, to provide danger awareness/avoidance strategies, and to give girls some get-away street fighting skills they can use to escape if trouble finds them.

In addition to 20 specific Dating Rights, this seminar takes seven scenarios directly from recent news to spotlight specific dangers and gives specific strategies on how to avoid each. Risks include: dating violence, relationship abuse, sexual assault, date rape drugs, jogging/late night risks, university housing dangers, and off-campus risks such as parking lot assaults.

Attendees are empowered, inspired, and learn street fighting skills developed for elite military personnel and then adapted to the get-away needs of young women. We let women know they have the right to stand up for themselves in relationships and when out on their own and we give them the knowledge and skills to do just that.

We present the Just Yell Fire Campus Life film which immediately engages young women with appearances by some of today’s most notable young actors from film and television and sports personalities. Thereafter our trained presenters involve audience members in demonstrations to show them how easily they can escape an attacker twice their size and conclude with a Question and Answer session to address specific concerns and situations.

The bottom line on the seminar is that girls are naïve when they go to college, feel invulnerable to danger and few realize their dating rights. Just Yell Fire lets them know they can have a great time at college, while staying safe, and shows them how to gouge an eye, whipslap an ear, or use any number of other quick-learn techniques to make it home rather than become a statistic.

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