For Girls 11 to 19 – High School

The Just Yell Fire seminar for teens is ideal for high school girls as it focuses on empowerment, knowing your rights, safety awareness, safe dating, street fighting self defense, and a Dating Bill of Rights.

Teenage girls learn best when presented with information in a combination of media and methods. Our one and two hour presentations include viewing the Just Yell Fire film which Fox News Live describes as “The most important film your daughter will ever watch”, a moderated Question and Answer period, and demonstrations with audience members.

Girls connect well with the message as the film was made and the program developed in part by and for girls their own age and they particularly benefit from learning 10 age-appropriate street fighting get-away tools where a 100 pound girl can get away from a 250 pound attacker every time. An eye gouge, a timely scream, whip slapping an ear, and other techniques can get these girls the extra few seconds they need to get away so they can make it home to their parents every night rather than becoming a statistic.

Our high school program has been lauded by teachers, parents, and law enforcement across America and is used by schools, shelters, and law enforcement on four continents. Just Yell Fire girls are empowered to live safer and better lives; this seminar is what makes that happen.

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