For Colleges and High Schools

Colleges and high schools typically offer self defense and empowerment programs for their female students and Just Yell Fire is a proven and cost-effective choice. Our differentiators are threefold.

First, Just Yell Fire focuses on informing young women of the precise dangers they face (sexual assault, dating abuse, date rape drugs…) and avoidance strategies as the first line of defense. Woven into this approach is our Dating Bill of Rights; too many girls do not know they have the right to report abuse, to have friends outside their dating relationship, to say No…

Second, our self defense approach focuses on get-away tactics, tools, and techniques. We know that an eye gouge, timely scream, or well placed bite (and a dozen other tools) will win a potential victim the extra seconds she needs to escape a dangerous situation. A young woman can easily remember these instinctive responses to danger rather than attempting to master complicated techniques taught in traditional self defense programs. Just Yell Fire girls don’t fight fair and they escape violence rather than facing it head on.

Third, our award winning films (lauded by law enforcement and educators alike) use professional actors in danger scenarios right out of the news to illustrate dangers, how to avoid them, and how to get away from any high risk or violent situation. Young women connect well with a media-driven message, certainly with the high profile stars who are positive role models to their generation, and absolutely with a program designed for women their age, designed by a young woman who is one of their peers.

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