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I was wanting to know if Dallas could hold a seminar in Clovis New Mexico for my church. I think that the girls will really enjoy it and it will help them. I heard Dallas speak when she came to Clovis at the Clovis Community College and after she spoke and I learned all the techniques, a problem had occured where I had to use one of them. She helped me so much and I really want her to help the girls at my church too.
– Christian, New Mexico
I attended the 2009 International Student Leadership Conference, at which Dallas Jessup spoke to everyone and then conducted a workshop to teach us how to defend ourselves, which I also attended. Since her speech, I have become increasingly passionate in the fight against domestic violence. I have helped with projects and fundraisers for the past two years, and this year, I am trying to start a club at my school that focuses on raising awareness and raising money to help fight against domestic violence. I was wondering if there would be any possible way that Dallas Jessup could come and speak to our school briefly about the warning signs of a dangerous situation, and how to defend ourselves if ever caught in one. Also to talk about how she has changed the world with her film and book, and anything else she wishes to speak to the student body about. I am sure that our school would be honored to have her speak to us.
– Katie, Virginia
I am wrapping up the semester and showed your story again. I talk to my students about finding a voice, being empowered etc. My goal is to get them to realized the power they have through the tools we learn in my class.
Anyway, after we got done talking about you and others who have found a voice, I let them log onto your website and encouraged to look at "Just Yell Fire", we had already talked about the video's origins and message. At the end of class a very quiet 8th grader who never really speaks out much came up to my desk.
"Do you know how fast they can send the video? I am going to be moving soon."
Maybe that doesn't have the impact for you that it had on me. I have no idea what her personal story is, but the really timid girl making such an inquiry made me wonder.
I don't know how long videos take to ship. But I happily gave her mine. She was stunned and looked at it and then me with a wide eye, then said thanks and walked back to her seat still looking at it.
It was a nice moment, just wanted to share.
Thanks for who you are and what you stand for.
– Calvin, Utah
I have truly been inspired by this organization and hope to start a chapter of the program in my high school when school resumes.
– Tori, Louisiana
I just finished watching "Just Yell Fire". It was a very powerful statement for the rights of young women to be safe! Thank you.
White County Ninth Grade Academy
– Mary, Cleveland, GA
I just used some of your organization's history in my end of course sum up for my word processing and computer tech classes. My overall message this year has been to encourage my middle school aged students to use the tools being learned to find their voice and to be heard.
After I send this email out I plan on purchasing your book to use in future classes.
Thank you for being such a great role model to my students who are told by society and by education in general to sit down and be quiet far too often.
Matheson Junior High
– Calvin, Magna, UT
I just wanted to update you and let you know that we are teaching Just Yell Fire in our HS PE classes, and the girls are loving it! Thanks again for helping us to get started.
– Toni, Albion School District
My daughter is about to go to college and I am interested in your DVD. I would like to give her some skills to avoid an unwanted encounter. I myself was the victim of an assault during my sleep; fortunately, I woke up and my instincts took over to fight back. My attack could have been much worse as many of his victims didn't make it and were permanently disfigured.
Best of luck with your cause, it is an awesome one.
– Pam
We want to thank you both so much for the JYF Program on May 7th in Albion. The students loved being a part of the program and learning how to protect themselves. I heard back from many of the 5th grade girls about watching the movie with their parents and that they feel better knowing how to stay safe. I also heard back from a few parents thanking us for offering a program like this to our students. Our staff is looking forward to being trained in August with you and we hope that all of our girls from 5-12 grade will be offered self-defense and we can generate more discussion about this important topic. Thank you for also meeting with the girls for lunch, signing books and being so understanding.
– Toni, Albion, NY
I just returned back to Houston after attending the National Charity League convention in Seattle where I attended your seminar. I was so impressed with your story that it became one of the first things I told my 14 year old daughters about, even before I unpacked my suitcase! Your message of empowerment and following your passion was so inspirational that I could not wait to tell them about it. Both of them thought we should get your DVD to use to teach our chapter members your safety techniques and should become a grade level requirement.
Thank you for being such an incredible mother to such an obviously outstanding daughter.
– Cindi, Kingwood, TX
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