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I am a Disabled Veteran and a grandfather of Sixteen. I would have been the proud grandfather of another little one, but I guess GOD wanted him to be in Heaven with HIM. I will see him later and what a joy that will be. I have eight granddaughters and eight grandsons. I would not take a million dollars for any of them. Maybe two million would do it. No just kidding. They all are the light in my life. One grandson is old enough and has finished Navy training and is a Corpman with the Marines and will be going to Iraq or Afghanistan in January or February. Please remember him in your prayers. His name is Frankie.
I want to thank you all for making this film. It is something that should have been made a long time ago. I wonder just how many young lives would have been different if this film had been made sooner. I pray all who watch this, will never experience anything bad and if in a situation will know what to do because of this film. May GOD bless and reward everyone who was a part of this film.
– Terry, Andrews, NC
I currently teach grades 6 -8 Health classes. Violence prevention is a topic that is included as part of the 8th grade curriculum. Last fall a student told me of your web site and DVD. I previewed your video and thought it was absolutely excellent. I was able to show the video to four classes totaling approximately 120 students. At the end of the quarter when students filled out their course evaluation, 68% of all students felt that the Just Yell Fire video was the most important part of the course.
Needless to say, due to the importance of information included in the video and the overwhelming thumbs up, I want all 268 of my students to have access to the important and possibly life saving information included in the video.
Thank you for all your doing to keep kids safe.
– Connie, Omaha, Nebraska
You are a remarkable young woman. This morning I saw an interview with you and your mother. The clips of the movie were wonderful. What you have done would be considered a major life accomplishment at any age. To recognize the need and produce an educational film at your age is nothing short of extraordinary. May I join your mom in saying how proud I am of you!
– Suzi, Arlington, VA
The DVD is a great Help, our 19 cheerleaders were impressed, they talked things over..we got in a big circle and then we practiced all the hits/kicks/ and we had a black belt from our YMCA come in and he held their arm, they all got away, it was the most fun I've had in a long time, and I was proud of the girls for putting effort and concentration into what they were doing. I think they learned what they needed to learn.
– Nancee, Vincenens, IN
Today I saw your dvd, and I think that it's a really smart idea. I think a lot of girls in Denmark could learn alot from your DVD, especially my friends. Thank you for being so wonderful and for wanting to help girls all over. I really admire you!! It's people like you that make the world a better place to live in!!
– Maria, Denmark
I am a social worker who works with many young women in the community. I believe that Just yell Fire is a wonderful tool for increasing self-esteem and encouraging women to be proactive. This is a tool I want to share with my clients in the field. Thank you!
– Kelly, Southfield, MI
I think what you've done is absolutely wonderful. I am very grateful to you for your courage and compassion and for the making of this video.
– Renee
I am a wife, a mother and a student. Watching Montel Williams, they show the segment of your dvd. I COMMEND the young girls for thinking of this. you girls are amazing. To the Crew, I think you guys are awesome. I'm glad someone finally made a dvd to show girls my younger sisters age(14) actually doing this. this shows that they are capable of doing it themself. NO female should become a victim because she can not protect herself. THANK YOU! Comming from a Daughter, a Mother, and most of all, an older sister. I really commend you guys.
Thank you for doing this.
– Katie
I think that you both are doing an amazing and inspiring job making this video. It could effect mostly teenage girls. It could save a tune of girls all around the world. I know a friend that was followed by an elderly man, so instead of fighting him or doing something she just ran! He could have followed her home and done pretty bad things to her. I am 12 years old almost 13 and I was almost kidnapped! After I saw the Montel show, I knew that I had to see your website and look at the video. It is truly inspiring!!! Around my area here in Toronto there are a lot of girls who were being kidnpped and they only yelled out help and they didn't do anything. I live in Toronto. Even the most smallest children are being kidnapped in my area! So, in my school they always say to be very careful and we always get newsletters saying if there is someone in the neighboor hood or if a man got released from jail. Our principal is very caring and has codes for when strangers come in. Code red means that there is a man inside the school. So, we get down and lock the doors and hide until it is safe. Code yellow is when someone is around the area. Code orange is when someone is in the school yard. I am a big fan and you are so brave!!! I wish I could be like you and be so brave!!!
– Fernanda, A Big Fan, Toronto
Thank you so much for taking this issue to heart and acting on it! I am a rape survivor. 26 years later I am the wife of a minister and mother of 5 - two of them girls. I was sitting at my desk today with my back to the TV. It was really only on for "ambient noise". I was engrossed in my task at hand - literally making my written plan for a group I am starting for survivors of sexual abuse and rape. When I heard your segment on the Montel show today my blood ran cold at the divine timing. (Obviously your appearance on this date in July was a second run) I can't describe the feeling of empowerment I had listening to you girls! I am humbled by your passion for your mission. Perhaps I didn't know what to do all those years ago but my daughters will- thanks to strong young women like you! And for those of us (and we are many) who have lived with this horrible crime I will continue to share my story so that other women can regain their lives.
You young ladies have my utmost admiration and respect for your commitment to protecting other girls like Carly Bruscia and the countless others who don't make the national news. May God bless you richly for your compassion. You have certainly used the gifts He has given you for His glory!
– Paige, Nevada City, CA
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