Cool Girl: Dallas Jessup, 17, of Just Yell Fire

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Cool Girl: Dallas Jessup, 17, of Just Yell Fire

I Heart Daily often writes about girls who kick ass, but Dallas Jessup, 17, really does kick ass -- literally.

Four years ago, Dallas learned the frightening statistic that that 1 in 4 girls ages 11-19 will be sexually assaulted. In addition, there will be over 100,000 attempted abductions of girls in the US alone -- scary.

The then-13-year-old black belt martial artist set out to make a home video to teach her classmates self-defense moves based on her training in Filipino street fighting. With some help, this "little project" evolved into an amazing organization called Just Yell Fire.

The video shows how to fend off sexual assaults, escape danger, and gives information on how to keep safe. It can be downloaded for free at Just Yell Fire, and for those without Internet access, they will send a free DVD to anywhere in the world. The results? More than one million downloads, and free DVDs given away. Girls from 47 countries have written Just Yell Fire to thank them for this life saving video.

The 46 minute film has empowered girls all around the world. Ten percent of the videos have gone to girls in countries like Iran and Pakistan. And when the Just Yell Fire team traveled to rural India, 20,000 girls showed up to learn techniques on how to protect themselves against abduction and human trafficking. 

Now a senior in high school, Dallas travels all over the US and around the world helping to empower girls everywhere. Learn more about Just Yell Fire, and how to get involved in your community.

Kick ass.