I will gladly vote for Dallas to win the grant from Volvo. I learned about JYF from a segment on CNN. I intend to share it with my 12-year old daughter, because I am NOT one of those people who thinks it "could never happen to my child..." - I know it can happen to anyone, anywhere, and I want her to feel empowered to protect herself. Just the confidence she will receive from this DVD could make all the difference.

I want you to know that I don't often donate money, but maybe my contribution will allow just one extra young woman to see your DVD, and you never know what a difference it could make. Keep up the inspiring work.

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year

Hi Dallas,

First of all my daughter and I love Just Yell Fire!
I run my own Personal Self Defense program, It's a family run side business, nothing big.
I have been involved in the Martial Arts since 1990, I train with people of all ages and I saw your Just Yell Fire dvd a few years ago and I have had my daughter who is now a teenager OMG! watch with me and her friends. Usually when they sleep over this is how I introduce the dvd, sometimes my daughter gives me the look like "dad really? Now."…lol  but I get them to watch and I really think this is a Great tool for all girls to have! To give them a sense of knowing they can fight back!  To know how to defend themselves with basic life saving Techniques.  I will be posting your link to my NPSDT page on Facebook.
Thank you for this DVD! And for having it out there for anyone to see.

Once again.

Katherine and Dallas, I am very proud of the effort you have made to make all of this a reality.

Just dropped in to salute your work. I'm with you. I'm doing my second year under graduate in Chennai, TN, India. If there s something I can do for this cause, I m ready to. Salute once again n keep going. My wishes to you.

Thank you for being courageous enough to make this film. I have granddaughters I would like to protect by empowering them with the tools for such events. I am grateful to you.

This CD is 1,000 percent BETTER than I thought it was going to be and I AM TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!! THIS CD SO ROCKS! THANK YOU FOR CREATING IT...

Thank you for the DVD. I wanted to let you know that I really admire you for coming up with "Just Yell Fire." It is really neat to see a proactive approach to the issues of violence that women face. What an empowering world you are creating! Thank you for making a difference.

As a fellow black belt I applaud what you are doing. And as a dad with 2 girls............Thank You!

I have six young nieces (and one nephew) and have tried to teach them how to prevent an abduction or unwanted touching. I taught them to yell 'fire' as loudly as possible, thinking it would get more attention than 'help'. I am happy to see that I wsa doing it right. I applaud what you and this team have accomplished and I plan to promote the DVD to everyone I know. Thank you for your dedication to this project.

I saw your segment on Montel the other day. What a wonderful thing you have done for all women and young girls. I do not have any daughters, but have two young future daughters-in-law. Thank you once again, you will never know how many lives you have saved.