First off I would like to thank you for volunteering your time to help save teenage girls against predators. Your dedication to assist in making the world a safer place is a great asset to our Country. THANK YOU!!

What I am interested in is sharing this Just Yell Fire DVD with our School Resource Officer(s) and of course with family members of my own. I think the video will show girls that it is ok to fight off a predator and though fear may try to take over they will more than likely be better off if they over come the fear and fight for all they are worth.....

I would like to receive a minimum of 10 DVD's. I do not mind purchasing the DVD's from you, or donating a set amount to your non-profit organization. Please let me know what you would like for me to do.

Again, thank you for all you do and if I can be of any assistance please let me know.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done with your involvment in 'Just yell fire'. I have a 13 year old daughter with a bunch of very close friends. As soon as we get our d.v.d. we will be having a pizza night with them all and watching "JUST YELL FIRE". The world needs more people like you.


What an incredible, relevant, and powerful video. I am a school counselor and also do a lot of teen and parent workshops at our local Y. I am also going to link it on my website, and tell every school counselor that I possibly can about this.

I commend your work and hope you realize how many lives you have saved! Thank you for making a difference. Thanks again!

Last night when eating dinner with my 2 daughters they brought up the subject of school fights. They also realized they had no idea how to defend themselves. And asked why I never taught them. I’ve done everything with them from swimming, skiing, soccer, tennis, cheer, career exploring, homework, and every other parent obligation I could manage. It suddenly shocked me that I haven’t covered one of the most important at their ages, 13 & 16, self defense. Both are strong, athletic and confident, until the subject of self defense comes up. I immediately started searching for ways to help and found “Just Yell Fire” I feel shame in not doing this sooner. Please accept my donation and send a DVD.

Just sort of off the cuff, Maggie, I got to thinking today about how doctors and inventors also do things to benefit the public, but they don't give their services or ideas away for free. For what you and your wonderful Dallas have done, you deserve to be multi-millionaires. JYF is a priceless gift for all of mankind! For it, I'm truly sorry that the proper gratitude it deserves can only be expressed in the old cliché that no words in the English language are sufficient enough; no word, no phrase. To me, this is one of less than maybe a handful of ideas since time immemorial that will prove to have such a thorough, beneficial impact on mankind.

First, let me congratulate the endeavors of these teenagers in doing such a great service to mankind. What a creative way of getting the message out! I am doing a basic life-skills class and want to incorporate this DVD in one of our lessons. Thank you for making a difference.

I loved your project.

It resonated.

I teach martial arts and care about the students.

Thank you for your vision.

What a wonderful tool. I have a daughter who is 14 and with special needs. This is done so well I think she will be able to do it and understand it.

I have sent a link to the schools here and asked them to please consider showing it to the girls.

Thank you to all that put this together. Fantastic job!

I'm a high school graduate going into college. I'm so proud of your work and effort to help girls respond in a way to attacks that will save their lives and keep them safe.

I've shared your website with most of my friends and they love what you've done for girls all over the nation. I would love to receive a DVD of your movie so I can share it with more of my friends and also so I can always remember how to keep myself prepared in case of an attack.

I just want to say thank you again, you've been an inspiration to girls everywhere that we are not victims, we are strong and we have the right to be safe and comfortable in our environment. Thank you so much!

I saw your segment on the Montel show and was quite impressed. I am eager to share it with as many young girls and women as possible. I am so proud to know that we have such bright and pro active young people. I encourage you to continue to make your project known. I will do everything in my prower to spread the word.

I also plan to screen the video for as many women as possible we all need to know how to protect ourselves, and should know what to do in case of an attack