We want to thank you both so much for the JYF Program on May 7th in Albion. The students loved being a part of the program and learning how to protect themselves. I heard back from many of the 5th grade girls about watching the movie with their parents and that they feel better knowing how to stay safe. I also heard back from a few parents thanking us for offering a program like this to our students. Our staff is looking forward to being trained in August with you and we hope that all of our girls from 5-12 grade will be offered self-defense and we can generate more discussion about this important topic. Thank you for also meeting with the girls for lunch, signing books and being so understanding.

You may be young, but your wisdom far reaching women in their 40's! Just wanted to send you a shout out from Kansas City, Kansas, and to let you know I will pray your program continues to build up young women in our society! We are more than objects of affection. We are people created by GOD. Stay blessed dearheart and know your words are saving the lives of several young and "older" women, too.

Hi, saw Dallas on the Today Show the other day, I think this is fantastic. I've got two daughters, 11 & 19, I would love to get a Just Yell Fire DVD for them. I'm so excited about this, I'm always telling my girls (and not just my daughters, but their friends & my nieces) to be safe and giving them the few safety tips that I know. Again, this is fabulous, and I can't believe you're doing it for free. If there's anyway I could help, I would love to, I think it's so important that girls know that they can save their selves. Thank-you so much for all your doing,

How proud you must be of your daughter and her friend for their efforts at creating such a fantastic film. A friend loaned me the DVD and I watched it with my 14 year old daughter last night. VERY POWERFUL!!! My daughter was on the verge of tears during the date rape scene, as my niece, her cousin, was in a similar situation and was unfortunately not prepared.

Thank you again for making the film available to everyone. It is invaluable information for our daughters!

I work for Healthy Communities/Healthy Youth of Marquette County, Wisconsin as the Montello Prevention Coordinator. One aspect of my job is running a junior high and high school group that focuses on educating about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and giving the kids better things to do than using substances. I am working on bringing a Date Rape Awareness week to the high school in the spring and when I heard about this dvd I had to have it!!! In college I was a victim of 2 separate rapes. The first rape was an aquaintance rape and the second was a stranger rape. My life has changed forever, both of the rapes happened when I was 21 within 5 weeks of each other (I am only 22 now so the memories are very vivid), but this job gives me an outlet that will allow my pain to possibly prevent future women from going through what I went through and am still going through. I thank you very much for making this dvd, more than you could ever know!

I loved your project.

It resonated.

I teach martial arts and care about the students.

Thank you for your vision.

Saw this video on Good Morning America, downloaded and intend on showing it my daughter asap! Also to other Girls Scouts.

Boys could benefit from it too, though this is not the intended market. Thank you for making it so believable and memorable, awesome job.

I will be sharing this with my daughter and my nieces, as I have 9 - and they all could definately use this information. This world is full of predators looking to take advantage of our young innocent girls, I know, because I used to be one myself. If I would have had the knowledge ahead of time - things might have turned out very different for me. My hope is, that your DVD will help my girls to be aware of their strengths, and their surroundings, and be in control of their situation, should something happen to them - God forbid.

Thank you for making this important DVD, and supplying it to the public.

Good luck on your CNN Heroes nomination!!!! You deserve it.

I took self-defense classes for over 2 years and I am now an instructor. I told all of the women I have taught about your website and what you have been doing for the world. I'm so grateful that there are people like you that let girls know that they have the right to be treated with respect and to defend themselves when necessary.

I saw your segment today on Montel, and it touched me. My husband and I work for a state Dept of Corrections and deal with some of these offenders on a daily basis. I am always left wondering how their victims are coping. I was so excited to see a project of this magnitude from the next generation. We have four young children of our own and want to get the DVD to have to show to them on a regular basis. More than anything I just want to thank you for having the courage to step up and help other young people protect themselves. Thank you and congratulations on being such fine young women.